"It's been great working with your organization and we would not hesitate to recommend you to others as well as have you build our next home."

-John and Kaye Blome

Robert J. & Denise M. Quinn

Dear Harry:

When my wife and I first decided to build a new house from a long distance there were a number of concerns:

First, could we rely on the quality of craftsmanship we observed in homes built previously by Shore~Blanton? Having now gone through the final walk-through and seeing everything from elevation issues, room layout and flow, porch and terrace construction, flooring and molding, etc., we were thrilled with what we consider to be suburb quality in all aspects.

Second, could we count on the timing of the construction schedule so that we could accommodate our financing arrangements and our future use plans? Here again, Shore~Blanton was exceptional in their diligence despite the fact that we made some changes to the plans along the way.

Third, was the price schedule on the house fair and did it include quality material so that the finished product was not only impressive to a casual view but also to a thorough inspection? Mrs Quinn and I did exceed the allowances on a few (but not many) items and did make changes to the plans as mentioned previously. In all cases the pricing was fair and the quality was always first-rate. In a few instances there were even credits when Shore~Blanton was able to find the same quality material at a lesser price. The fact that this credit was passed back to us speak to the integrity and professionalism of Shore~Blanton.

Fourth, and perhaps the most important, would our expectations of excellence be met when we did not have the benefit of seeing the finished product take shape (given our long distance relationship)? As is evident from how our other concerns were met we are extremely pleased with the excellence of the finished product. But this concern speaks to a larger issue – one of trust. In this regard Shore~Blanton has excelled again. As the project unfolded and the degree of project planning and organization became evident, the attention to detail became obvious and the guidance and suggestions offered when we were unsure of design decisions made apparent that Shore~Blanton could be trusted to have our ultimate satisfaction as their primary goal.

In summary, we could not be more pleased with our initial decisions in embarking on the project – that of selecting Shore~Blanton as our builder. Thank You.

Shore Blanton Shore Blanton Shore Blanton
Shore Blanton

Ryon and Lindsay Thompson

Leon and Theresa McClean

Leon and Theresa McClean