Shore Blanton
Shore Blanton

"Perhaps it was the massive oaks draped with Spanish moss, or the gracious wrought-iron-accented buildings, or the cobblestone walkways along the riverfront, but my first and lasting impression of Savannah was a sense of deja vu, like a vague distant memory evoked by some provocative fragrance."

-Alice Ross,

Savannah Appeal

Few places posses beauty, charm, culture and coastal appeal quite like Savannah, Georgia. As Georgia’s first planned city, its unique layout of connected squares throughout the heart of historic downtown provides a welcome urban oasis. Boutiques, museums, historic
theaters and more can all be enjoyed by simply taking a leisurely stroll and yet just a few minutes outside of downtown you find a retreat of a different kind in the beaches of Tybee Island and coastal rivers and marshes that abound. Rooted in time-honored tradition but reaching forward to a bold new future, Savannah and its surrounding areas are poised for continued growth, albeit at the city’s famous laid-back pace. Find out more about Savannah’s one-of-a-kind qualities by clicking here.